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Friday, December 21, 2012

DUSTy Divas - Friday Friends - Forget Me Not Paperware

Happy Friday lovely Maddabling blog readers, it suddenly dawned on me this morning that it is only four sleeps until Christmas Day! So much to do, so little time....... tis the season........
This week it is my great pleasure to introduce to you the wonderful DUSTy Diva,and this weeks Friday Friend - meet Kirsten - the name behind Forget Me Not Paperware. 
I "met" Kirsten through the wonderful DUST team a few years back now. Her lovely shop ensures that at Forget Me Not Paperware you will find stationery that won't cost you the earth. Here are a few favourite things that I have uncovered while snooping through the Forget Me Not photo albums :) How amazing are these unique timber box stationery sets, just perfect for those who are true stationery addicts....
This super cute notepaper will encourage your creativity, you can write on them, doodle on them or simply make them into pretty paper planes ................
Also loving these Pocket Notebooks in adorable Woodland Print...
and for those who like to DIY - how practical are these perfect Art card Sets? 
I invite you dear readers, to take a little time out of your hectic daily schedule to read the "Forget Me Not Paperware" First Edition. Enjoy xo

"Forget Me Not Paperware" First Edition  
Many {many!} years ago my first job was as a paper girl… pulling a yellow paper trolley through the local shopping area selling newspapers to the shopkeepers after school. If I was very good at it I would have called out “Papers! Papers! Get your papers here!”. But I was terribly shy, and barely peeped, so this was not the most successful venture for me. Luckily, I am not quite as shy anymore and I think I’ve gotten much better at the paper thing!
I spend my days making all manner of paper based pieces, from journals, jotters and notepads through to art cards, notelets and stationery sets.
Everything I create has an ethos to it that considers the environmental impact. This means I work with eco elements, Australian made papers and seek “best way” environmentally to produce my ranges.
Incidentally I make very girly things! I blame this on living in a houseful of boys (my husband and 2 sons aged 13 and 10) as well as my little tomboy tree climbing daughter (aged 8). 
I love what I do, with all my heart. I love the freedom, I love the process, I love the community I am part of... All of it! As with any artistic practice there is the ever challenging balance between fulfilling your creative needs and drawing a regular reliable income. But making and creating is in my blood - and as a wise woman with twice my years experience once told me when discussing career options “It’s simple. Do what makes you happy”
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