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Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Friends - Local Artists - Meleah Farrell Photography

Welcome lovely Maddabling blog followers to a new edition in the Friday Friends series. It has been a week filled with cool mornings, rain and sunshine, glorious Autumn weather. Maddabling is hoping to get into a little bit of gardening this weekend, the vege patch needs a little attention - weeds tend to flourish as the rain falls and the sun shines. Oh and readers, don't forget to take a peek at the Maddabling Blog on Sunday for the next 7 day installment of the Elle Moss Photography Photo Challenge to see what Maddabling has snapped for week 2 of this challenge. Back to today's featured artist now - this week I want you all to meet a local artist - the exceptionally talented Meleah Farrell, Photographer !
I had the pleasure of poring over the amazing images Meleah creates at a local market recently - readers you really are in for a treat ! Here are some of my favourite images. Note : Meleah has allowed me to use these images for the purpose of this blog feature, please do not reproduce these in part or in full without Meleah's express permission. 
Dear Readers, I invite you now to take some time out, and to immerse yourself in a visual journey that will challenge your pre-conceptions on what a photograph is, as you view the world through the lens of Meleah Farrell Photograhpy.
Through the Lens of Meleah Farrell Photography


I love to see the “special in the everyday”. I often find myself looking at things differently with my ‘camera eye’, distracted by one aspect or another of subjects. Whether it’s getting lost in detail or exploring aspects of the colour, shape, texture and form before me, I enjoy seeing where digressing from the most obvious path will lead.
I like experimenting using unconventional photographic techniques. All my images are created ‘in-camera’ with little or no manipulation in Photoshop.
I try to create a photograph to be, for me, an abstract form of expression, and for the viewer, something that challenges their perceptions and expectations of the world around them. My style also came about from not liking to be limited for shooting in the “golden hours” of photography- that is sunrise and sunset. Although the light at these times is amazing, I’m not my best at 5am and typically busy around sunset. So when I had half an hour to spare I would venture out into my own backyard or even walk around my house and look at the simple, everyday things that surrounded me and try and see their potential for an interesting image. Still to this day is my backyard my source of inspiration. Having just relocated to Torbay on the south coast of WA, I’m immersed in exploring a whole new world and discovering the extraordinary in the ordinary.
I began developing an interest in photography by buying my very first ‘proper’ film camera whilst living in a small fishing village in Malaysia and commenced study (by correspondence at the time) with the New York Institute of Photography in 2002. Following my return to Australia in 2003 I continued my photography studies at the School of Art Design and Media, Perth Central TAFE, an experience which focused my creative development. This quote was taken from one of my assignments on the direction we saw our photography going (it was real early days) and it fascinates me that it can be seen in my style today.
As I continue to not only shoot, but think, process and develop all that is ‘photography’, I’m embracing abstraction and realism – notions that emphasise change effects, surprise, experimentation and manipulation. Through my images I want to challenge, manipulate, experiment, confuse, provoke and dare.
I continued to enjoy experimenting in a number of diverse photographic fields including commercial, wedding, portraiture and landscape photography, however, it was the more “abstract” photography that excited and engaged me the most. I can still remember shooting a wedding couple standing in front of this rusted, paint peeling, derelict shed and thinking “ooohhh those textures”. I just wanted to get in close and capture the beauty that this old shed had to offer.
I decided to pursue my passion and a career change to Photography in 2006. Scoring a consultant job at one of Perth’s leading professional photography laboratories was the next step in my photographic journey. It was so exciting to work side by side with other creative minds and for the first time, be totally immersed in this industry. Everyday I felt so fortunate to be exposed to such a wealth of industry knowledge - not only photographic, but also now the printing and business side. 
My days were spent drooling over amazing imagery, observing other photographer’s styles develop, learning from and watching master printers and most significantly (without really realising it at the time) creating a network of inspiring, artistic friends who continue, long after my time at the lab, to play a really special role in my own photographic career.

Starting to build confidence in my own, unique photographic style, I held my first, solo exhibition in 2009 titled “Side Tracked”. It was such a brilliant experience! It was about so much more than just my photography. It was the whole creative process from shooting, choosing images, printing, the layout, naming, designing, marketing, selling…. I was so in my element. Since then I have been fortunate to be involved in more exhibitions, with the most recent being “Developed”, a solo exhibition which was a part of FotoFreo 2012 in March.
The BIGGEST step of all for me both personally and professionally was made six months ago when, together with my husband and fur kid, I abandoned the big city life (of Perth anyway) and moved to the Great Southern region. I have become a regular stallholder at local markets over the past summer where I have enjoyed showing my abstract photography work to the public. It has been an interesting ride, putting your heart and soul out there for people to see and judge.
The response and support of my images has been overwhelming. Being involved with markets has taught me a lesson in the importance of product diversity and I have been more recently immersed in the new creative pursuit of product development. How can I make my images more accessible, more appealing? I was back to being that child in art class, getting sticky glue fingers, having a heap of fun experimenting with new surfaces and finishes.Lately I've been experimenting with a new technique of transferring my images to stone, making coasters, wall hangings, brooches and magnets. I'm loving where this image transfer process is taking me........ next I'm going to be tackling jewellery!!
My most recent project is currently converting an old shed on our new property into a photographic art gallery where I not only plan to showcase my own abstract photography work but hold workshops and display guest artists. Located halfway between Albany and Denmark on Torbay Hill it is scheduled to open in time for the 2012 Great Southern Art Trail. I am also in the process of setting up a shopping cart online which people can purchase my wares through although it hasn't gone live yet ! Watch this space ! At this stage any order enquiries can be made by filling out the 'contact me' form on my blog.
Do want to see more lovely readers ? Here is how you can connect :
browse the Meleah Farrell website/blog at :  www.meleahfarrell.com.au
follow Meleah on facebook here : www.facebook.com/pages/Meleah-Farrell-Abstract-Photographer/117244788327908

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