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Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Friends - DUSTy Divas - Pop Goes the Weasel

Welcome lovely readers to another edition of Friday Friends. The VAC Mothers Day Market is over for another year and Mothers Day is nearly here. Wishing all the mums out there the happiest of Mothers Days. Maddabling has been away from home again for work this week and is happy to be home again. They say home is where the heart is. The vege patch has been replanted with carrots, broccolini, spinach, rainbow chard, spring and red onions, snow peas and dwarf beans for the cooler months, and I noticed that there is a lemon almost ready to pick from the lemon tree.

This week I have a new Friday Friend and DUSTy Diva ( who is also a fellow West Aussie) for you to meet - say hello to Casey from Pop Goes the Weasel !
Casey makes the most darling of button earrings, rings and bookmarks, I have chosen four pairs of my fave earrings to share with you today - aren't they just too cute ?

Time now readers, to put your feet up and find a little bit of time to have a read and a cup of tea, indulge in the Pop Goes the Weasel Fairytale. Have a lovely weekend everyone xo

The Pop Goes the Weasel Fairytale

Pop Goes the Weasel consists of one person..me! Who am I? Casey Buttons! People often ask me if that is my real last name. Sadly, it is not. I was given the nickname by my friends because I make button accessories. I love crafting, horse riding, playing with my parrots and foster greyhound, playing video games and spending time with my lovely boyfriend. Apart from making goodies for Pop Goes the Weasel, I work part time and I am also studying to become a horse riding instructor.
Right from a little girl, I have loved to be crafty. My mum worked at a child care centre and had this awesome resource folder filled with art activities for kids. One day mum brought them home because the centre was just going to throw them out! I didn't understand all the grown up notes, but I understood the crafty examples! I remember sitting outside in the sunshine 'teaching' my dolls how to finger paint or how to make a masterpiece by blowing bubbles in dishwashing liquid and food dye and putting a piece of paper on top of it!
Pop Goes the Weasel is a relatively new name that I adopted when I moved from Brisbane to Perth 2 years ago. Fresh start, fresh name! I started making button accessories around that time after I saw yoyo makers and button components at an art and craft fair. Back in Brisbane I sold a few paintings under a different name and also started making felt brooches.
My inspiration is drawn from cute fabric, childhood memories (so cliche I know!) and animals. Oh and buttons! I absolutely love the old leather buttons that you see sewn on vintage coats! If I find a cute button, I will buy it even if I don't know what to do with it! I also really love the whole traditional housewife thing - sewing, knitting, crocheting, home cooked meals - even though I am FAR from a traditional    housewife! I swear I should have been alive in the 50's! I love working with fabric, especially from Japan. The prints are small enough for my earrings and brooches and they are always super cute! I am quite picky with what fabric/prints I use; I have to really love it to use it. 
At the moment, I make button earrings, rings and bookmarks, and button and felt brooches. I have just completed a few pairs of yoyo earrings and I have a few other ideas I want to make prototypes for that steer away from accessories all together (very exciting!).
My favourite designs would have to be my felt brooches (I created the patterns for them completely from scratch) and the cute button brooches with rabbits and deer. I also love my good old plain black button earrings, I wear my pair pretty much every day! They just go with everything!
Very soon I will be launching the vintage side of Pop Goes the Weasel so that will be exciting! My dream would be to quit my day job and make craft a career, but there is a lot of work to be done before that happens. I hope to launch new handmade lines in the next 6 months and am DETERMINED to make regular posts on my blog! I always find that so difficult!

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