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Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Friends - Dusty Divas - Part 27 -Jubly-Umph

Hello to one and all - I hope everything in your world is going ok at this mad time of year ! I have a new fabulous Friday Friend to introduce you to in edition 27 of Friday Friends series.
This week I want you to meet Tasha - a Dusty Diva and the face behind Jubly-Umph !
I really do adore the bold colour and multifarious style of the Jubly-Umph creations and these are some of my favourites :

How about a paper doll with a difference - the Tattooed Paper Doll
or the very tongue in cheek One Swallow Triple Statement Necklace

I love love love this My Friend the Robot Brooch

and I have never seen a navel jewellery as sweet as this Alice in Wonderland Belly Dangle - Strange Things

Now dear readers, I invite you to sit back, relax, and to read the inspirational story of the wonderfully creative Tasha and the story of Jubly-Umph !

All About Jubly-Umph

Jubly-Umph artworks are inspired by old school tattoo, rockabilly and pin up designs. Each Jubly-Umph piece is unique. The original design is hand painted onto a solid polystyrene plastic and then coated with a high gloss resin. It is then hand cut, sanded and finished with stainless steel chains and findings and a Jubly-Umph tag.

Swooping swallows hold banners with Latin mottos and roses wind their sleepy way round hearts and skulls. ‘Amor Vincit Omnia’ reads one banner; love conquers all. ‘Veritas’ says another; truth…

The process (in extreme detail): Each jewellery piece takes roughly 10 days to complete. The designs are drawn out in pen and painted with 2 to 4 coats of paint then hand cut and drilled. They are then given 2 coats of high gloss jewellery grade resin. Each coat takes 3 days to fully dry. Then the edges and backs are sanded with 3 grades of sandpaper to remove any overflowing resin and harsh edges.

The final stage is attaching high quality stainless steel bails, chains and findings. We also work with laser cut wood, paper, ink, photographs, ephemera, computers and large quantities of nonsense… Jubly-Umph is the lovechild of Tasha Joy who also likes to participate in experimental art using plastics, lino, bowling pins, mirrors and smoke…

History and future of Jubly-Umph...Jubly-Umph started in 2009 after I returned from an extended period of world travel involving an Up and Left grand tour of Europe culminating in the formation of an eclectic street troupe at the 2008 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In the shade of the Scottish castle amongst the graves of Greyfriars I began sketching necklace designs featuring skulls and flowers, memento mori's and birds. Once back in Australia it took me 6 months to find a medium that was cheap, hard wearing and easy to manipulate. And that is where it all began...

I draw a lot of inspiration from early tattoo artists. I hoard reference books about Victorian sentimental jewellery, the secret language of flowers, songs of the sea and nautical curiosities. I draw and paint while listening to The Decemberists, Flogging molly and Bob Dylan and sand to the rhythm of old sea shanties. I like writing mini stories and I prefer them to rhyme.

Our recent collection Tales Of The Tattooed Man features laser cut wood pieces taken from original illustrations. Each jewellery piece features a tattoo as worn by the Tattooed Man created as brooches and necklaces, badge sets and fake tattoos.

"He went through many hours of pain for his ink.Thousands of pinpricks into soft flesh. One a symbol of freedom, another a token of long lost love. The heart on his shoulder hurt the most, but he tolerated it stoically. And when it was done, and the drops of water which escaped from the corner of his eye had been absorbed into his thick moustache, he rejoiced..."
He is The Tattooed Man...

I do markets every weekend, usually with an evil minion or two. And every now and then we team up with Hellpixie for events such as the Camperdown Cruise and Wintersun.

Next year I have vague plans of doing an exhibition with one-of-a-kind statement necklaces and original paintings.

Jubly-Umph jewellery and art is stocked in boutiques and galleries around Australia.

We currently have our etsy shop on holiday settings as we are about to jet off to Ireland, France and the USA over xmas. When we return we will be revamping our etsy shop to include original artworks and one of a kind pieces. You can see our full range on our website www.jubly-umph.com

Here is how you can connect with Jubly-Umph

To buy online visit :

Jubly-Umph Website http://www.jubly-umph.com

Madeit http://www.madeit.com.au/jubly-umph

Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/jublyumph

For news, events and competitions follow Jubly-Umph on Facebook

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  1. wow! these are such great creations, they really generate their own energy.