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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Friday Friends - Dusty Divas Part 4

Meet Cloud - one half of the Voodoo Rabbit and Voodoo Rabbit Stitches enterprise ! The Voodoo Rabbit stores sum up Cloud & Ky's mission statement beautifully :

"Voodoo Rabbit Stitches has a range of handmade homewares, geekery and plushies from the Dark Arts & Craftists, Ky & Cloud at Voodoo Rabbit" and "We specialise in fabric, buttons & sewing supplies for the dark arts & craftist".

I am seriously coveting one of the Handmade Voodoo Rabbit Plushie Toys that reminds me so much of one of my fave films Donnie Darko and if I ever get my hands on one I will be sure to name him Frank (perhaps only Donnie Darko fans will get that statement)

and also this fabulous Handmade Amped Up Cushion Cover perfect for the serious music lover

Enough of me "rabbitting on" (apologies for such a terrible pun, I couldn't help myself), here's something from Cloud telling us all about the Voodoo Rabbit dream !

Voodoo Rabbit is a collaboration with my sister-in-law Ky. She does all the really cool crafty stuff like designing our fabrics and our Pixel Patchwork cushions. I make the plushies and do the bookwork (when I'm not being slack anyway). We both choose our fabric & button stock together - there is a definate look / feel that we are aiming for with the supplies that we stock. The idea for the shop first came about because neither of us could find the cool stuff at the usual outlets. Most craft / quilt shops tend not to specialise in skulls, cherries, fifties retro, rockabilly or goth.

Voodoo Rabbit has been open for nearly a year now. In that time, we have established our own (off-Etsy) webshop and also opened a second Etsy store - Voodoo Rabbit Stitches - for our geekery, homewares & plushies. We've been having fun with it!

Ky has added more original designs to our Spoonflower market place and hopefully we will be able to take this further.

Our eventual dream is to open up our own fabric store - right next door to a rocking tattoo parlour & a coffee shop.

Want to know more ? Here are the Voodoo Rabbit Links
Webshop - www.voodoorabbit.com.au
Spoonflower - http://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/voodoorabbit
Etsy Supplies - www.voodoorabbit.etsy.com
Etsy Handmade - www.voodoorabbitstitches.etsy.com
Facebook - www.facebook.com/voodoorabbitfabric
Twitter - www.twitter.com/voodoorabbit
Blog - www.voodoo-rabbit.blogspot.com


  1. i can't believe i let you post up the goofy pic of me :P

    thanks Samara! xxx

  2. voodoorabbit is AWESOME!!!

  3. It's a lovely pic Cloud and yes Karly voodoorabbit is AWESOME x