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Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Friends - DUSTy Divas - DELicious Designz - Guest Blogger

Dear readers, I hope this Good Friday finds you well. I had hoped to get some extra blogging done this week but sadly it was not to be, I promise I will make up for this over the coming fortnight. This week, for my DUSTy Diva Friday Friend Feature, I am handing you over to a dear friend of mine and guest blogger - Maddabling wishes you all a very happy, safe and chocolate-y Easter break.

A DELicious Dilemma 

Hi, I'm Adelle - aka DEL, and this is my story. Back in May 2010 Samara featured me as her Friday Friend. Since then she has showcased a handmade artist every Friday!! That is no easy task and just goes to show the commitment this gorgeous girl has to the handmade community.

Samara has been kind enough to ask me to feature again, as recently the large corporation known as Etsy closed my store and required me to go through a handmade validation process. There have been many sellers put through this process and  some who have not had their stores reopened - which makes those affected angry. Angry because there are many obvious resellers on Etsy that are operating without question. So I am moving onwards and upwards, with the support of my DUST team who have been sending me cards and gifts to show they care, and I am not going to let this stop my creative passion. I am now slowly getting my DELicious Designz set up at my new selling outlet Zibbet and you can also find my GetSPOONed store over there too.
Since my first feature here 2 years ago some things have changed and some stayed the same (reminds me of a song). 2 Years ago I was very passionate about resin and could not get enough of creating bangles, pendants, magnets, rings - it was so much fun. Then my body started telling me that it didn't like all these chemicals - I started getting very bad reactions to the product, so in the best interests of my health I had to stop that avenue of creativity. I could however still create my spoon pendants as this resin was not as nasty as the other one, and I used much smaller doses. I created a collection of spoons entitled "Alice". They were so much fun to do. I loved doing the photography for each of them too, so much so I made a mini book of the collection. You can find the full series on my Facebook page .
What is next for GetSPOONed? I am unsure, to be honest. I think another series is on the horizon though but just need to decide what it will be.

So from the beginnings of DELiciousDesignz my creative direction has changed, a lot! My love of crocheting has taken off again and I am having so much fun with designing and making. My signature lines at the moment are "My Comfy Mary Janes"
Scoodies - the ultimate Scarf/ Hood Combination
Barefoot Sandals - Fun for dance, yoga, pool, beach, home
Funky Animal Hats - I just love making these and they just look sooooo adorable
Some of my original designs include - Little Red Rudolph, Elmo, Little Bunny Foo-foo, (oh and I make bunting too). I am always up for a challenge to try something new , so what have I been doing - Hair Bows! I made some for my girls and then decided I would do some up to take to market. I had a whole case full for my market yesterday, so my stall certainly had some variety! Oh and one last thing, I just have to show you a few tea cosies I have made - these may be appearing in my store soon.
All in all, I just like to have fun, Create crazy things and make people smile.

You can find me at :





http://deliciousdesignz.blogspot.com.au/ (my very much neglected blog)

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  1. Thanks for letting me be your guest blogger. We are all settled in at Denmark, it is bliss xx