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Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Friends - Dusty Divas - Ruby Tombstone

Content Warning
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Happy Friday ! Welcome dear readers to another edition in the Dusty Divas series. It is a beautiful sunny winters day in my part of the world. What a mad week it has been ! Work has been super busy but I took some time out yesterday to have lunch with my dear friend Del from over at DELicious Designz. It was nice to catch up, even if only for a short time.

I wonder, how many of you got to watch the "Go Back To Where You Came From" refugee experimental documentary on SBS this week ? I found it heartwrenching and wondered at times how humanity could have sunk this low. Then speaking to an acquaintance yesterday I was absolutely shocked to hear that her view was that boat people should go back to where they from. Where is the humanity, the compassion, the empathy for others - I wondered if ignorance and fear breeds contempt for people in this situation. Anyway, enough of my rant, and I shall gracefully climb down off my soapbox now.

This week, it is my pleasure to introduce you to a DUSTer from the "dark side" - meet the talented Ruby Tombstone !

One thing I have noticed about Ruby Tombstone is her sense of humour. I am almost convinced to sign up to twitter to follow Ruby Tombstone's tweets, they made me laugh out loud, which doesn't happen too often. They describe things that the everyday craft addict goes through.........these are three of my faves

just listed something on Etsy & in doing so, convinced myself that I really ought to keep it. Saleswoman fail.

Oooookay then. Just squeezed a pimple & glitter came out. It's time to admit I have a crafting problem.

Is it wrong to be drinking an "Up & Go" liquid breakfast shake at 11pm?

Ruby Tombstone makes amazing pieces - thinks Zombies meets Pin Up Girls or Undead meets Burlesque - all in amazing macabre Technicolour ! These quirky creations aren't for the faint of heart. And a warning, this blog post may contain adult themes including horror.

Here's what I am talking about.

I covet this one of a kind BEACH BABE Pin Up Girl Necklace, Red & White Stripe Choker

and a girl can NEVER have too many hair accessories - loving this VAMP Leopard Bat PVC Bow, Reflective Hair Band, in Red and Purple

this ZOMBABY "GRACE" Zombie Baby Cake Topper is certainly not for the faint of heart - it would make a fab Birthday Cake Centrepiece for a die-hard horror fan !

I am impressed by the composition of this SILLY WALKS one of a kind Steampunk Pendant (possibly due to my love of Monty Python)

and looking for something for the goth girl in your life that has everything - how about this one of a kind MOSTLY ARMLESS Zombie Cameo Necklace ?

My dear readers...........if you dare.........read on......and learn more about the wonderful creations and inspirations of Ruby Tombstone ! Have a fantastic weekend all xo

PS you must check out Ruby Tombstones Nail Art kits too - they rock !

Tales from the Ruby Tombstone Crypt

Who is Ruby Tombstone ?

Ruby Tombstone is a zombie girl, eternal roller derby Fresh Meat, purveyor of dark & wonderful objects, horror fanatic, vintage fashion enthusiast & friend of the living dead. In my other life, I am a full-time public servant with a passion for Australian Indigenous cultures, and a degree in Community Development. I work with community-based programs, many of them in remote communities.

How and when did your handmade journey begin ?

Believe it or not, it started with buttons! I had been selling vintage clothing and nail art kits on eBay for a couple of years and was looking for bulk lots of vintage gear to restock my store. I came across a few bulk lots of vintage buttons in various tins, and flashed back to being a kid and playing with Mum's old button tin.

I bid on all of them, thinking I'd only win one or two, and lo and behold I won them all! Then I went to visit my mother and she gave me the old tin full of buttons I had played with as a kid! So from then on, and I had to find something to make with the buttons, so I started searching for findings, which led me to vintage cabochons.....and I just couldn't stop buying craft supplies. Now I have a house full of plastic crates!

What inspires you ?

Everything - that’s the problem! I see things and think, “Ooooh. I bet I could make something out of that”. Hence the ever growing pile of plastic crates!

What media do you work with - do you have a favourite ?

I really like to do a little bit of everything. Once I’ve tried one medium, I can’t wait to move onto the next. I’ve worked with vintage glass slides, optical lenses, photographic negatives, clay, fabric, metal, plastic, polystyrene, foam, paints, felt, beads, vintage toys - you name it!

I’m self taught, so half the fun for me is figuring out how the different media work, and how far I can push them. That’s also why I make only one-of-a-kind pieces. I want to keep stretching myself in new directions.

What kind of things do you make ?

I describe my pieces as cupcakes & cleavers, blood & burlesque, vintage & venom! I like making rockabilly, kawaii, gothic, victoriana, kitsch and horror themed pieces. My pieces are generally quite feminine, but with an edge. Lately I’ve been playing a lot with vintage toys. Then making things out of them!

My signature pieces are necklaces constructed from ribbon lengths and hoops that open & close. You can move the sections of ribbon around, move the pendants around, make the necklace shorter, longer or just completely different. With more than one necklace, the pieces are interchangeable too. I think in this economy, it's good to have versatile pieces that can be worn different ways.

I'm currently working on accessories for a Halloween wedding in the US. I'm having so much fun with it, I think there will be more kooky bridal creations in my shop very soon!

Do you have a favourite piece that you have made ?

Whatever I happened to have worked on last is usually my favourite. That's the problem with doing one-of-a-kind pieces - it's actually really hard to say goodbye to some of them when they sell! I do love "Poor Gladys",

a zombie memento mori piece I finished recently. I constructed a whole back story for the poor, doomed woman. There's a scrap from her dress, some beads from her jewelry, some smears of blood - which is actually my own. I had to stab myself in the hand 5 times before I could get a single drop of blood. Then afterwards I couldn't stop bleeding. Art is pain, I guess!

What are your future plans/dreams/aspirations ?

I started out on Etsy trying my hand at being an artist. Now that I’m comfortable with that side of things, I’ve started focusing more on the business aspects of the shop. Like most of us I would love to craft full-time at some point, but I love my day job too . As long as I’m learning new things and being challenged, I’ll be happy.

What is your favorite quote (funny, inspirational - anything!)?

"It's an ill wind which blows no minds" (Robert Anton Wilson)

What’s going on in your life right now?

I’m madly listing as many things as I can in both my shops. My cat needs treatment for tumour on her leg, so I’ll be taking her to Brisbane for radiation therapy for 4 weeks.

It’s a long trip, and an expensive one, so I’m taking as many orders as I can to raise the funds we need.
For more info on Ruby’s fundraising quest, check out her blog post on Ruby’s Brraaiinn:


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