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Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Friends - Dusty Diva's - Lyptis

Brrrrr welcome to another freezing Friday - well not quite freezing where I am but chilly enough all the same. I have a wonderful Dusty Diva and Friday Friend to introduce you to this week - meet the gorgeous Fran

of Lyptis fame ! The winter chill has well and truly descended on my part of the world ........ there are two things that are really important to me in the colder months, being warmth and comfort. Fran's creations are just perfect as they offer both ! Not to mention they are stylish and ever so practical.

I mean you can dress these up or dress these down, perfect for work or play ! Accessorise and glamourise - these simple statement pieces could become your wardrobe staples in no time at all......

Red Paisley Dress

And of course they are toasty warm and slickly stylish to boot !

Dear readers, I think you should think about some YOU time, read the Lyptis Lyrical and then maybe SHOP to your hearts content ? Go on, you know you want to ! Stay safe and warm, and have a great weekend

Who is Lyptis?

That would be me. Hi, my name is Franziska Ringel, you can call me Fran.

Hoodie Cowl Jumper Chocolate Milk

How and When did your handmade journey begin ?

As most creative people (and one could argue MOST people) I have been making lots of different things in my life. I started Lyptis in 2008, after I discovered Etsy. Finding Etsy literally blew my mind. What a concept right, making things yourself and selling them over the internet?!

Pocket Jumper Dress Burgundy

Has moving abroad hindered or helped you with your label?

I think it helped me. Moving to different countries on your own makes you more independent you have to be very self reliant. So it helps with all aspects of life. In a way it’s kind of like you can invent yourself new, push the favourite parts of your personality more. My life in Australia has given me the time and space to start my own label. But it’s a lot about timing, I probably would have done it anyways, it’s this whole handmade internet thing that set it off.

What inspires you ?

Warm things. That’s why a lot of my dresses are warm. Maybe it’s because i’m from a cold country (I’m originally from Germany). Practical things. I like things to have a purpose. I strive for minimalist, kind of urban but comfortable design in my home and in my label. Nature of course, it clears my head. Awesome people, successful people. Life in general.

Eskimo Dress Charcoal

What mediums do you work with - do you have a favourite ?

Soft, stretchy, squishy fabrics.

What kind of things do you make ?

Lyptis is all about women’s wear, mostly women’s dresses, mostly winter dresses. I’m trying to make warm, and comfy things women can wear every day. I also work on custom orders with my customers. It can be quite interesting what people come up with.

Do you have a favourite piece that you have made ?

My Eskimo Dresses (fleece dresses), i wear them all the time in winter. I also wear my tunics and pocket dresses all the time, i live in this stuff.

Pocket Cowl Jumper Dress Cement

What are your future plans/dreams/aspirations ?

Well, of course i’m working towards making a living from my label. I think most people do who are selling on the net. It would be nice to be a bit more flexible with my time and to have some spare money to do world travels or move to different countries. Maybe one day i’ll move back to Berlin.. but that probably won’t be very soon.

Best parts of running your own business ?

The best part would be making sales of course. It is extremely satisfying to make something you love and have people wanting to own it. Closely followed by the second best part, which is getting lovely feedback. It’s really touching for me to get great feedback from customers, it makes me happy to know people love something i made and let me know about it.

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  1. Lovely to see more of Fran! Hi, Fran!
    How come your workspace is so tidy? You must be very organised.
    Anyway i just wanted to confirm that Lyptis dresses are awesome! and Fran is one amazing person : )

  2. Great to see some behind the scenes of one of my favourite sellers. I have quite a collection of Lyptis and have another custom order on the way!! Go Fran

  3. yay one of my questions got in there ! great interview!

  4. fantastic article! love your charcoal eskimo dress.

  5. Hey, Thanks so much for the feature Samara! It was fun!:)