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Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Friends - Australian ETSY Seller - TRASHGLAM

Welcome dear readers to a new edition of Friday Friends.

What a week it has been. I celebrated my 13th Wedding Anniversary with my lovely hubby. We planted a beautiful native plant garden instead of exchanging gifts this year. Awww !

And sad news, Elizabeth Taylor, last of the true Glamour Stars from the golden Hollywood era, passed away this week, at the age of 79.
The girl with the violet eyes was married 8 times and had an amazing film career that spanned 5 decades. boasting two Academy Awards, for playing a call girl in Butterfield 8 and a shrewish professor's wife opposite Burton in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? She also received Oscar nominations for three other films. Elizabeth Taylor became an activist in her later years to raise funds to for the fight against AIDS/HIV, following the death of her friend Rock Hudson died in 1985.

Elizabeth Taylor told the Associated Press at an AIDS clinic dedication in 2005: "Acting is, to me now, artificial, seeing people suffer is real."

Elizabeth Taylor received the Legion of Honor, France's most prestigious award, in 1987, for her efforts to support AIDS research. In May 2000, Queen Elizabeth II made Taylor a dame - the female equivalent of a knight - for her services to the entertainment industry and to charity.

In 1993, she won a lifetime achievement award from the American Film Institute; in 1999, an institute survey of screen legends ranked her No 7 among actresses. Farewell Dame Elizabeth Taylor, the world is a richer place for having had you in it.

I apologise - I digress. This week I am proud to introduce a sublime Sydney based Alternative Fashion designer. Meet seductive seamstress extraordinaire Hexy

of Trashglam !

How uber cool are these creations ? It is all about the product. A whirlwind of colour and textures and shape. I am captivated by the fantastical fashion photo imagery too - here are some of my favourite creations.........

I heart this Emilie Autumn Inspired red striped tea party dolly Dress
this sublime STEAMPUNK victorian GOTHIC RUFFLED TULLE black lace wrist CUFF
and this wicked Trash Queen avant garde Draped striped spandex zipper parachute skirt would be sure to turn some heads with these fabulous bold stripes !

I also adore these images, there are some exceptionally talented photographers out there

Tea Party in Wonderland


Derby Duels

Dear readers, indulge yourself for a while, sit back and be drawn into the world of alternative fashion, let your imagination run a little wild. I hope you enjoy this fabulous Friday Friends Feature.

NOTE : Some of the images below contain ADULT CONTENT/THEMES

The Terrific Tale of Trashglam

Trashglam : Handmade limited edition clothing & accessories. Express your individuality as life’s too short to be one dimensional.

Baby pink and all things sweet or leather & whips for the ultimate bitch! Taking existing subcultures; morphing the alternative & mainstream into a style of its own.

Inspired by couture/avant garde glamour & sexy burlesque attire, Japanese culture & the amplified colours of the raver scene. Morphed into wearable Art for the vixen on the prowl in the dead of night.

Suffocated in spandex & caressed with iridescent feathers, layered with luscious lace & trashed unlike nothing you have seen before. My canvas is my clothing & I paint desirous portraits. My inspirations come from personal experience and life journeys. I illustrate my series, hatred, joy, playfulness, fantasies, transcending emotions into my designs.

Hey I'm Hexy. Business woman, seamstress & designer for the label Trashglam.
I work every single moment I can towards reaching my ultimate goal which can entail 14 hours a day at times. I do many shows, events & photo shoots and have a blast with all the wonderful people I meet.

It all started out when I couldn't find anything that combined all my life experiences & passion into something wearable. I am heavily influenced by the Japanese alternative scene & fantasy which are the solid aesthetics behind most of my constructions.

So I combined my love for punk 80s subculture with my love for Avant Garde/couture wear, thus the birth of my label Trashglam.

I am inspired by fictional characters, art & Powerful, dominant women. People who are not afraid to be themselves! Color, emotions, history and most importantly fun filled adventures! All these things have had a deep impact on all of my designs. I am not your traditional Fashion designer & it’s refreshing.

So what makes me any different then other designers?? i have no desire to make set collections 4 times a year to suit winter/summer etc and stick to basic fundamentals behind creating a cohesive collection. I prefer limited editions, one off creations.... the freedom to promote individuality in clothing is just as important as ones personality.
I truly believe you do not have to belong to any set subculture to be successful. The point is to create the things that you love & it's the best feeling in the world when you get praised for it too.

The basic principal I adhere to when designing anything is simply this; let your imagination run wild & do not be afraid to do the wrong thing. My designs are truly random & they cross all the fashion spectrum borders!

I generally start with color, as opposed to a set pattern. Most designers begin the process with an idea of what the piece would be, yet I choose to keep each piece as individual as I possibly can by not having a pre-conceived idea.

I keep adding to a garment til I believe its complete and is a character of its own. I have been working from home for the past year, making custom made formal/costume wear. I am endlessly networking, promoting my label through many different online and social mediums.

I am really excited about my latest collection which premiered at the L’Oreal Circa Nocturna fashion show. It’s inspired by superheroes, girl power & villains.

It was a phenomenal show and a huge success. It’s all handmade by me & customized to fit any shape or size. I allow my customers to choose their colors and trims. It adds a touch of uniqueness to each design. I am proud that I do it all & yes, at times its draining and requires more time than I can imagine, but I wouldn't have it any other way..... if only the house could clean itself lol !

Want to see more ? I know I do !

You can Buy these amazing creations at :

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See all of the wonderful photographers who worked with Hexy at this link :



  1. Love it! looks amazing & thanks for the feature.


  2. My pleasure Hexy - keep on creating <3

  3. Wow - some amazing creativity here - maybe Hollywood will be knocking your door down soon! Good luck :-)

  4. Oooooooolaaalaaaaaa THAT TARTAN DRESS... oh... and the derby outfit... yesssssss gotta go show my team mates!