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Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Friends - Dusty Divas Part 17 - Rhasdala

Hello everyone - Happy Friday to you all ! Today I am so pleased to introduce you to a new Dusty Diva - Gai from Rhasdala !

Gai's ETSY shop announcement sums up her mission statement perfectly :

Rhasdala brings the best of nature to beautiful handmade bath, body and skin care treats. I love to help women feel as beautiful as they are.
Ever feel like you can never get even a few minutes to yourself?
I may not be able to give you more hours in the day, but I can help to make the few minutes you spend in the shower or bath, revive your mind and spirit.
All products are handmade using quality ingredients in a smoke-free environment. They are tested by myself, my family and friends, then tweaked, retested, tweaked, retested, etc. until they are GREAT. I won't sell a product I don't love and use myself

I drool over Rhasdala's pampering products often and think that I should order these for myself for an early Birthday treat (any excuse really) - just so I can be a soaking Dusty Diva - I mean how could ANY girl go past these : a Diva Milk Bath with Full Cream Milk Powder, Chocolate, Cocoa Butter that is Hot Pink,
a hot pink Diva soap made with real white chocolate

and a Tingle Sugar Scrub ! Delicious ! Sugary Chocolate Overload ! Yay !

Or for the serious coffee connoisseur why not try the
Barista Bath Salts made with Fresh Coffee, Sea Salt, Epsom Salts -by the way I have tried these and they are divine !

and this divine Barista Handmade Soap, Palm Oil Free made with Ground Coffee Beans,Fresh Coffee and Olive Oil.

Time to settle in with a cuppa now lovely readers and to relax into the world of pampering with the story of Rhasdala

The Story of Rhasdala
My name is Gai and I am the creator of Rhasdala. I live in gorgeous Hervey
Bay QLD with my amazing husband and 4 kids. I have two daughters (18 & 16)and two sons (6 & 3) and they greatest joy in my life is seeing the people they are becoming. They change someone's life for the better every day, I'm sure of it. The other great love in my life is my husband. We met online, he asked me to marry him three days after we met in person and we have been blissful for 9 years.

I never imagined myself making bath and body products but I guess I should

Growing up I was always making facial masks out of eggs whites and herbs, putting mayonnaise in my hair, I even used to make homemade treatments for my horses mane and tail before any events we had.

So to other people, it wasn't a shock when I started making soap, but
I had never thought of it before.

I fell in love with soap making straight away! I love the science of it and
I love the variations that are possible. I think most soap makers are
obsessed with it and I was sure that's all I ever wanted to do, then I found
lotion making.

Now the problem I have is where do I stop. There are so many things I want to make and I hate not being able to do it all NOW (I am seriously impatient).

My goal with Rhasdala is to make quality products using as many natural
ingredients as possible. Where natural ingredients aren't possible I use
products that are PROVEN to be safe AND have minimal impact on the
environment both in manufacture and use.

I want a product that is as natural as possible but it HAS to work.

Currently I am introducing a range of shaving products for both sexes and
hair care is next. So far I have contained my impulse to delve into the
worlds of perfumes and mineral makeup...but as I said I'm seriously

Want to get your hands on some lovely goodies from Rhasdala ? Check out Gai's online stores at :

Website: http://www.rhasdala.com.au

Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Rhasdala

Madeit: http://www.madeit.com.au/Rhasdala

Or connect with Rhasdala at :

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/rhasdala

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Rhasdala


  1. They sure do look tempting - maybe I should start getting myself some early birthday pressies - only a few weeks to go so I could give myself a birthday week ...a parcel a day. So tempting

  2. A lovely Dusty Diva this week. Congratulations Gai! Your proucts look good enough to eat. It was lovely finding out a little more about you xx