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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Father's Day and other things

Greetings gorgeous blog followers ! It has been a while since I did a general sort of blog post but there a few things that I really really want to share with you all.
A bushwalk, a Dickens Birthday, a fabulous art exhibition, fathers day and my latest esty finds.
Saturday Afternoon Bushwalk
Hubby and I decided to go on an outing on a gorgeous sunny Saturday and ended up going for a sublime coastal bushwalk, hoping to see some whales ! We had both forgotten the absolute raw beauty of our local coastline - we didn't see any whales but it was so nice to see the stunning scenery.

A very Dickens-y Custom DUST team Birthday Parcel
I have a brother in law who is MAD for Dickens. This year, I decided to enlist the help of two lovely DUSTers who helped me to make this a very Dickens-y birthday !
Vicki over at redeemdesigns searched for the perfect vintage Dickens book to make a repurposed custom journal and Rachel over at missisa made some lovely hand wrapped pencils in Dickens text from the novel Bleak House. I found some fabulous free digital Dickens images on the net and made a birthday card collage with the fabulous Dickens line : Bring in the bottled lightning, a clean tumbler and a corkscrew which seemed like an appropriate Dickens birthday card quote ! He loved his gifts very much "you can never have too much Dickens" thank you so much to Rachel & Vicki for making this happen !

Art of Beauty Exhibition - Art by Woz
I recently went to a fabulous fine art exhibition - Art of Beauty - Fine Art Exhibition by Warren Walker. I LOVE these paintings - such a beautiful exploration of femminity !

An inspirational and seductive collection - if you are in the South West of WA you will have the opportunity to catch this collection at Art Geo Busselton ( contact artgeo@artgeo.com.au ) September 8th - October 12th 2010.
Please take the time to read more about Art by Woz at his website :

Father's Day
I love my Dad. I was incredibly lucky to win a Father's Day Blog Giveaway by Erin over at Inner Earth Soaps and coupled with a custom portrait of me & mine from the lovely Helena at Little Mo And Friends , I was able to give handmade gifts for Father's Day. I made a special card too using a vintage Collingwood Football Club Mobil Petroleum image - Dad was well chuffed with his Father's Day Haul !

ETSY Treasuries

Maddabling has recently been included in two fabulous ETSY treasuries curated by the talented ladies at SecretJewellz


and Change of Season by Savage Kitten http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4c8175396e556d918931102a/a-change-of-season
Thank you so much ladies xox

and lastly
Latest ETSY Finds

from Top Left to Bottom Right -
Voodoo Rabbit Apron
Faunfare Natural Perfume Oil
NewEarthSoaps perfume balm
JulieAnnJewels bracelet
PayleDragon doll
Realisation Creations earrings
Scarlette Rose Fairy scarf

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