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Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Friends - Western Australia Street Team Etsy Sellers - Starling Bath Body Home

Dearest Maddabling readers, welcome to a new edition of Friday Friends. This week saw a once in a decade storm hit Western Australia - I am terribly grateful that my friends and loved ones were relatively unaffected by the wild wild weather. It is a stark reminder that the Winter weather really has arrived. Do you have any plans for the weekend ? Maddabling is meeting a dear friend for a belated birthday lunch but has no other plans. Perhaps if the weather clears, a coastal walk to see if any migrating whales and calves can be spotted. Oh and Maddabling will be starting the Savage Kitten 30 Day Photo Challenge too. There is still time for you to consider joining in the Photo Fun dear readers :)  This week I have a fabulous fellow Etsy Western Australia Street Team Member to introduce you to - meet the gorgeous Nadine of Starling Bath Body Home
I love what Nadine stands for with her products. I have always preferred natural products made with essential oils and the wonder of natures healing properties. 
Nadine says : 
" I seriously love the whole creative process, coming up with new combination's of essential oils and fragrances, designing my labels, and making natural alternatives to over the counter medicine, available to everyone. Making people's lives more fragrant and harmonious doesn't hurt either."
Here are some favourites that I have chosen from the current range of products that Nadine has for sale. Firstly, a bourbon vanilla soy candle - "it opens with green notes of Mandarin Leaf and Orange Blossom. It's heart is a heady night-floral Orange Blossom and Bulgarian Rose and Vetiver. Dry Down has sensual notes of Sandalwood, Bourbon Vanilla, Amber, Labdanum and Tonka Bean."
Overindulged just a little ? Then these Hangover Bath Salts could be just the answer. "Treat yourself to this amazing detoxifying bath. Add 1/4 cup to a lukewarm bath, swish (get someone else to do it if you can) and slowly slide in. Put a cool towel under your neck as a pillow and one over your forehead. Let the Grapefruit, Juniper and Lavender Essential Oils make you feel partially human again."
Do you sometimes have trouble sleeping ? I know I certainly do at times. Here is a possible solution...maybe you could try the Slumber Tea or the Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Spray or the Relax Bath Salts. Or maybe you could simply try all three !  

Time now to have a virtual pamper session readers, I really hope you are inspired by, and enjoy the Sweet Story of Starling Bath Body Home. See you all on Wednesday for the next edition of Wednesday Wishes. Stay safe and have a fabulous weekend xo   

ps get in quick, Starling Body Bath Home are having a sale on scented candles made with fragrance oils, they are being sold at wholesale prices to make way for more Aromatherapy Products !

The Sweet Story of Starling Bath Body Home 

Starling is….I’m a wife to a shockingly handsome and brooding author and musician, mother to 2 crazy and hilarious boys, owner of a schizophrenic Jack Russel (is there any other type?), Christian, Nurse, Vegetarian with the occasional Pescatarian lapse who is trying to bring nature back to all aspects of my and others’ lives. Starling products are natural, organic, chemical free ,have not been tested on animals and are handmade by me! It’s my stand against mass produced, chemical laden products.
Inspiration….Handmade. I’m hugely addicted to Etsy. I figure why would you give your hard earned money to a BIG company who possibly only cares about a healthy profit when you can buy and support an individual who has put love and substance into their products? My husband is also a huge inspiration, he pushes me out of my comfort zone (which happens to be VERY comfy), plus I’ve never met someone with such tenacity when it comes to his writing and music. I also LOVE return customers; it’s like a little pat on the back, a reassurance that it’s not just me who’s in love with Starling.
What do I make…. I produce organic aromatherapy soy candles, massage oils, room/linen/body aromatherapy sprays, herbal teas, bath salts, a lip scrub and lip balm for health and well-being.  I also make soy candles scented with premium fragrance oils but am in the process of discontinuing them to make way for more natural and organic products.
Artistic Journey….. I’ve always dabbled creatively and been secretly jealous of artistic friends and family. I once made a stool in high school art with spikes on the seat and called it the “Pain in the Arse Chair”…I got a C-. I became interested in natural remedies after having my children (2 little boys have a lot of accidents), bought some books on Essential Oils and Aromatherapy and not long after my family where getting plied with samples and being (happy) guinea pigs. It’s a great creative outlet.
Favourite?.....My most useful favorite is The Survival Kit which contains 4 room/body/linen aromatherapy sprays; Ouchie-which you spray on cuts, grazes, stings and bumps. Don’t Bite Me!- an insect repellent. Poo-Wee!- a bathroom spray, and Sniff and Snuffles- a decongestant and super cold/flu bug killing spray. Perfect for this time of year! My favorite spray is Take A Chill Pill, bath salt is Relax…..my lip scrub is awesome and the balm is gorgeous….I love all my products!
Future Plans…..I’ll be at Perth Upmarket on Sunday 24th June. I just attended my first festival as a stallholder as a stallholder and had a truly fantastic time. So I’m thinking more festivals are on the cards. I’m also planning to introduce cleaning products and more body products into Starling.
Lovely readers do you want to see more ? Here is how you can connect with Starling Bath Body Home
buy lovely things on Etsy herewww.starlingbathbodyhome.etsy.com
become a follower on Facebook herehttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Starling-Bath-Body-Home/235048723190574

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