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Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Friends - Australian ETSY Artists - Squash Designs

Another Friday rolls around dear readers, what have you been up to this week ? I baked my little heart out  and made cupcakes to raise funds for the RSPCA as part of the annual Cupcake Day for the RSPCA !


(if you click the link above you can make a donation should you desire)

Last weekend, we decided to go for a short drive and then me, my hubby and the pooch took a stroll last weekend around the wind farm in our town - it is set atop the coastal cliffs and it is simply spectacular !

This week I have an exciting new artisan and Friday Friend to introduce - meet Nicole of squashdesigns !

squashdesigns is based in Adelaide, South Australia and Nicole is dedicated to creating OOAK eco fashion pieces which are practical, sometimes whimsical and always striking and individual in their appearance.

I want to share a few of my favourite items with you now .......

how cute are these SuPEr FUnKeD uP pAtCHeY cOrDS, rainbow party pants, eco friendly patchwork hipsters

the sTrIPe ME rEtrO....earth friendly elf coat, up cycled sweater coat, hoodie

and this simply awesome earth friendly, up cycled, patchwork ,t skirt is a perfect trans-seasonal piece for layering in the cooler months and wearing as is during the warmer months !

Dear friends I invite you to take an adventure through a kaleidoscope of eco fashion colour and explore the world of squashdesigns. Wishing you all the most wonderful weekend xo

the story of squashdesigns

A little bit about me........ squashdesigns.....I just love the word squash the swirlyness of the letters and how they write to me ..........it’s a very colourful word ... and that's me !!!

My name is Nicole Teague , I am a mum of 2..... ages 5 and 2 and I pretty much do all the mum things...... cook, clean,drive ..yatta yatta yatta....... my hubby works through the week so nights and weekends are family time and for some reason family time is always about lots of great food !!! So.....my history as a chef and having a Mediterranean background might have something to do with that !!!!!

I have always been the creative type..... can't follow directions, patterns, instructions to save my life!!!
( and my way is usually better anyways )

I have no training in sewing other than my mum, from the age of I think 10 when I got my first machine.......
a beautiful antique Singer...... which I still have of course !!!

I am also the impatient type - when I have an idea it just HAS to come out or I’ll explode with too many ideas !!! That is why I started to use my old clothes, sheets,blankets etc.....to make things from.... now it is the "in thing" and Awesome I might add..... how funky and fab is up-cycling !!!!

I still use some new fabrics but only what I salvage from the op shops or grandmas shed. It is so exciting, some of the awesome vintage finds I come across are just soo inspirational !!! Now my kids LOVE op shopping with me too .... it’s so cute to see them getting excited about recycling !!!

My style is so many... not one thing could describe me..... a little bit of everything and a lot of me..oh and heaps of colour of course. From the age of 6 i have done the best I can to be different from the crowd and I think that still shows in my art... my passion for my sewing has become an addiction and I just can’t stop ..... I don’t measure or cut straight... I don’t like things to be to even.... I don’t use pins or patterns..... my stuff is truly one of a kind and no 2 pieces are the same !

I am so very lucky that my family doesn’t mind my sewing machines going all day......the house almost shakes sometimes - and my kids are my biggest fans .... so positive and bright !

For the first time in my life I have realised that this is it.... this is so me .... and I LOVE it !!!! I have always known I want to be a mum but never been sure about what I want to do for work...... I am here and I am just so excited about the possibilities and opportunities that are out there for me !!

Love me or leave me, I am who I am and I am proud of it ! Come visit my shops and have a look at my crazy stuff ....



Nicole Teague,


  1. I adore your wearable art!! Fanciful and fun. Will go look at your website after this. The child's car toy car tote is an item I would love to purchase. Do you have one for sale?? My nephew, who is a NASCAR racer is expecting his first child,a son, and it would be so perfect as a gift.

  2. Hi Cassie thank you for your lovely comment ! I believe Nicole is currently away at the moment but you could contact her direct through the online shop links above - either through ETSY or MADEIT. I am sure she would be thrilled to hear from you x

  3. wow, these creations are so colourful and uplifting, I will definitely visit the stores and beome a follower.