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Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Friends - Dusty Divas - Baubles for Bellas and Lush Baubles

Welcome dear readers to another Dusty Diva's Friday Friends feature. My goodness it has been chilly this week, case in point - our cat went up to our heater the other morning and pressed his nose up against it as a hint to turn it on. He even smooched it and rubbed himself up against it ! When this failed, he curled up under the blanket on the end of our bed with our dog (which doesn't happen often).

This week I want you to meet the terribly talented West Australian artisan Kylie Marie

from Lush Baubles

and Baubles for Bellas !

Kylie Marie's work is simply stunning. It is feminine yet bold, unusual and beautiful. I want to share a few of my favourite pieces with you.

I am simply loving Rock Candy - a 14kt Gold Filled Druzy Stacking Bangle in delicious tropical colours

the sublime Steampunk Angel necklace made from an Antique 14kt Gold Filled Fob with white pearls

and the classical femininity of the Tudor Necklace made from Swarovski Cream Pearls and Ruby Swarovski Crystals is simply breathtaking.

Time now to sit back and relax - perhaps a mug of hot chocolate is in order ? Enjoy the story of Kylie Marie and lust after her beautiful creations.

PS dear readers, I want to share a little secret with you too ! Kylie Marie is having a sale ! She has had to reduce some of her stock due to her relocating, so for all sales over $100 use coupon code crazy25off for 25% off your purchase and for all sales over $200 use coupon code crazy50off for 50% off your purchase on ETSY. Sale Ends 10th July 2011 !

The Legend of Lush Baubles and Baubles for Bellas

Hello - my name is Kylie Marie. I have been creating jewellery for around 10 years, I use to have a regular market stall here in perth for several years. My handmade journey began with the jewellery which was a kind of therapy after damaging my spine and being unable to do much for several months, although I have always been creative.

The jewellery I make is semi-precious and costume. I enjoy making unique pieces of jewellery for individual people. I am completely self taught, The first pieces I made were quite awful, I started just by stringing plastic beads onto coloured wire and twisting it into some kind of shape, from there I discovered glass beads, the crystal, then sterling silver and so on.

This extract is from a previous feature and describes my work beautifully :

“Kylie Marie is a creative jewellery artist who finds inspiration in the romantic, the historic and the grandiose. Her many and varied influences include “Elizabeth 1, Marie Antionette, Boudoir, Gothic, Art Nouveau, Victoriana, Rococo, High Heels, Chocolate, Red Wine, Champagne, Silk, Lace, Velvet, Incense, Lillies, Roses, and all the things that make a woman feel sensual.” The results of such rich inspiration are the luscious jewelry lines Baubles for Bellas and Lush Baubles. Her pieces are evocatively nostalgic but with a firm foot in contemporary style.”

I have 2 shops on etsy Baubles For Bellas, and Lush Baubles, I am also on artfire and madeit as Lush Baubles.

Baubles for Bellas, it dedicated to high end semi-precious jewellery, the shop is mostly filled with jewellery made from gemstones and precious metals although sometimes I do include high end plated jewellery supplies and vintage jewellery incorporated with gemstones or precious metals to create something new.

Lush Baubles is dedicated to costume jewellery. My style in both shops varies greatly from the simple and chic to the luxurious & glamorous.

My favourites would be vintage and antique items, I love working them with contempory items are creating new life for them.

I work with many mediums, from glass through to fine gemstones, and base metals through to precious metals, I love working with a variety of supplies.

I have so many favourite peices, one of my favourites was a Marie antionette inspired piece with vintage rhinestones, pearls, and fine pink amethyst gemstones.

I find motivation and inspiration in almost everything, I remember going for a walk on a rainy day and watching a snail cross my path on the footpath, and finding inspiration then went home and created a beaded snail.

I can find motivation in something as simple as a leaf or something as dramatic as an opera. For the future I’d love to be able to continue creating, I just wish I sold more lol !

Want to see more ? Check out these links :

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  1. I love Kylie's work, I just brought a few items recently - one being the bracelet in the third last picture - and it is as stunning in real life as it is in the picture.


  2. i remember buying my first piece of art work from a market.....many years ago.i have many pieces of work from this amazing lady, every piece as amazing as the next....well done xx jane