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Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Friends - Dusty Divas - Part 19 - Rainbow Revolution

I can't believe it is Friday already lovely readers - this week has gone by superquick........ It's time for me to introduce you to a new Friday Friend in edition 19 of the Friday Friends Dusty Diva series - the lovely creator of colourful wares Leanne from Rainbow Revolution !

I have long been a fan of the goodies Leanne creates - I have three scarves,

two wrap headbands and I got this sweet rainbow facewasher for a special little girl for Christmas last year and it was a tremendous hit !

I invite you now dear readers, to relax and let the waves of colour wash over you while Leanne shares her story, including where she draws the inspiration for the fantastic blend of hues she creates ................

The tale of Rainbow Revolution
My name is Leanne Lonergan and I have lived in many different places but I am currently in the beautiful NSW coastal town of Terrigal. I have been running my business, Rainbow Revolution, for just over three years now and have thoroughly enjoyed the journey that it has been.

My craft is based on my love of colour.I live and breathe colour. I have done many different things in my life but colour has always been a constant so it is feels so good to be able to work for myself doing something I love. I feel so blessed to be able to do this.

My tools are my bottles of dye, fabrics and brushes, my sewing machine and my scissors.

My muse exists all around me.. in bursts of floral beauty, in the cycle of the sun as it greets and farewells the sky, in the divine timing of the seasons and the fall of autumn leaves,

in the wildness of the ocean and where the ocean meets the sky, in the birth and death of stars and the gift of hope and joy that is the rainbow. (of course)

My days are spent amongst bottles and bowls of dye, piles of white fabrics in all different weaves and fibres sitting patiently waiting for their turn to be given life and colour.

I love to just let loose in my workshop and I love it when I am given custom orders with creative licence to 'do what I want'

Want to colour your world with some radical Rainbow Revolution goodness ?
You can buy Leanne's goodies at :

or connect with Rainbow Revolution on Facebook at :


  1. nice post samara, i love rainbowrevolutions beautiful colored items! and leanne's studio looks awesome! i also like how u included the pic of u wearing 1 of her creations!

  2. lovely post, beautiful rainbows.. who can resist

  3. I have lots of leanne's gorgeous colours. My girls adore their rainbow socks. My mum and I love our wraps. That photo on the beach is fantastic

  4. Thanks Samara for featuring me here!
    Del.. that is a pic of my daughter that I took one day when she wasn't looking!

  5. awwwww lovely!!!! I love that bottle and dye photo! So lovely to see leanne's behind the scene shots!! xoxoxo My mum loves her rainbow scarf too!!